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Date:      Every Wednesday

Time:      7:16am to 8:31am
                (arrive 15 mins early to network)

Place:     Colleary's Bistro

                2143 N Tustin St.
                Orange, CA 92865

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Why should I join LeTip of Orange?

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Meeting Time and Location


  • Build your business by meeting weekly with other professionals in the community who can then use or refer your service, product or business to qualified prospects.
  • Provide others with quality referrals outside your area of expertise.
  • Business categories are limited to one member in each LeTip chapter. (For example: only one electrician or one financial advisor is allowed in each chapter.) This allows members to exclusively promote their specialty.
  • Learn the professional skills necessary to help promote your business.
  • Create an entire sales force of dedicated business people without the overhead

Membership Requirements

  • Open to professionals, business owners, executives, managers and sales people.
  • Weekly Meeting Attendance
  • Annual Membership Fee
  • Quarterly dues
  • Follow up on all business tips.
  • Refer business Tips to other members.
  • Present and promote your business in a 30 second spoken “commercial” during weekly meetings.
  • Provide your business cards to other  LeTip members. Introduce LeTip to other prospective members.